Tax Problems

If you owe the IRS, you have a very serious problem. It may take the IRS several years to find an error or problem with your taxes, but if they do, it needs to be addressed immediately. These issues will not go away by themselves and will get worse with time, as penalties and interest are added.

We're here to help you resolve your tax problems and put an end to the stress that situations like these can create. Our preparers are authorized to represent you before the IRS and can speak to them on your behalf. Rarely do our clients have to speak with the IRS themselves! We can handle it all for you so that you need not take time out of your busy day to handle the endless bureaucracy and paperwork.

Our tax resolution services include:

Non-Filed Tax Returns

Sometimes a tax return isn’t filed on time, and even though you intend to fix it as soon as you can, before you know it the problem has grown for several years and your worry has grown with it. Let us give you the peace of mind you deserve by helping you get caught up and become compliant with the law. In many cases, you may owe taxes, interest, and penalties after the returns are filed. Once we see how much is owed, there are still actions that we can take to help ease your burden.

Back Taxes Owed

You filed your returns but didn't have the money to pay what you owed. Before long, there is a notice from the IRS stating that you owe much more than the original amount. Those tax penalties and interest add up so fast! We have several options when it comes to helping you pay those unpaid taxes, including an Installment Agreement or an Offer In Compromise.

IRS Audit Representation

Receiving an Audit Notice from the IRS can be very scary! Let us help you with the burden of getting organized and preparing for the audit and representing you when the time comes. 

IRS Liens

When your taxes remain unpaid, the IRS establishes a lien against your assets, including real estate. This gives the IRS the legal right to collect your unpaid taxes from the sale of these assets. The lien can be against you, your spouse, or your company. We can help you resolve or even prevent a lien.

IRS Levies & Wage Garnishments

Levies are used to seize your wages and other assets you have. We are often able to get those levies released and can help you become compliant with the IRS.

IRS Seizures

Unlike the levy which involves intangible assets such as your bank account, a seizure is the taking of physical assets, such as your home or car. The IRS will then sell your assets at auction. Seizures usually happen in aggravated cases when someone ignores many requests by the IRS over a long period of time to pay their outstanding taxes. A seizure should not be taken lightly. If you've received an IRS seizure notice, contact us immediately!

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